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For colourful gardens in all                          seasons

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​Seasonal Plants

About Us

We are an independent nursery based in the scenic outskirts of Windsor.

At John Train plants, we focus on growing high quality bedding, hanging baskets and mixed containers. By growing our all own plants on site, we are able to provide the very best quality, more choice and very good value. Pop along for an enjoyable browse and see what a difference there is in our selection compared with ordinary garden centres.

Gardening tips
Our Services

The pleasure of gardening starts with high quality plants that thrive when you plant them at home. But we offer a number of services to make life that bit easier.

  • Hanging Basket Replanting

  • Professional quality compost refill scheme

  • Plant Care Advice

  • Fresh free range eggs daily

  • Locally sourced honey

  • "Drop-in-garden" Planted containers

  • Seasonal Bedding

  • Christmas Trees/Wreaths

Tip 1: Planting Cyclamen


For cyclamen that last all winter, pay close attention to the depth at which they are planted.

Cyclamen have a corn at the base of the flower stems, so when planting them into tubs/baskets or even the ground make sure the corn stays slightly above the soil. If planted too deep with this corn below the soil level, the Cyclamen will rot off.

Tip 2: Planting tubs and baskets


When planting young plants into baskets or pots, it is easy to be over zealous and over-plant them. By doing so, each plant won't receive the necessary amount of nutrients and space needed for healthy growth and development. It's pertinent to leave suitable gaps and allow the plants to naturally fill these in over time to form a fuller looking container that lasts all season.

We also recommend using a mix of trailing and non-trailing varieties for an impressive display of height and spread.


Each basket varies but typically a 12"(30cm) is 6 plants a 14"(35cm) is 7 plants and a 16"(40cm) is 8 plants. 

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