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All our plants are grown here at our nursery. They are delivered as plugs and we plant them. It is a long process but completely worth it you can see them grow from young plugs to adult plants. We have a wide and beautiful range of all the bedding plants you could ever want. Come in and take a look at our extensive range.

​Spring / Summer

We have an extensive range of Spring/Summer bedding plants. Beautiful colours at affordable prices. You typically would plant your Spring/Summer plants middle April, If your baskets start to look a little bit leggy you can cut them back and they will start to thicken out.


We have a beautiful range of winter Pansies/Violas/ Primroses and Polyanthus, Cyclamen. As well as a very varied range of cutting material such as Ajuga, Sage, Thyme and Ivy You would typically Plant Autumn/Winter plants Middle of October

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