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Helpful Tips/Info

Drop in planters
We will shortly be introducing a gardening side to the business where we come to your house and plant your summer/winter hanging baskets and patio containers for reasonable prices.
Contact the store for more information 

When it comes to watering it is as important as lighting. Water helps the transport of nutrients and minerals from the soil to the plants. It is best to water your plants first thing in the morning, while its still cool. It will allow the water to run into the soil and reach the roots of the plant without too much excess water lost to evaporation.

Positioning your plant in the right lighting is imperative. Light is the essential ingredient for great plant growth. Check your plant label for the best positioning of your plant
Hanging Basket Replants
We are hanging Basket specialists. All you have to do is bring your baskets and tubs in and we replant them to save you the hassle. Prices on hanging basket price page.
Irrigation is good for all plants even your lawn. You can use it all year round, but typically May- September. It will save you time. You can replace watering cans with drip or trickle irrigation. You can find suppliers online who will advise and install.

Mineral Nutrients

Green plants must absorb certain minerals through their roots to survive. In the garden these minerals are supplied by the soil, but to help you can add manure, compost and fertiliser.

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