8 Feb 2018

Planting Too Close Together

It’s important to follow the planting directions on seed packets seedlings and plants. Plant spacing is very important for getting the best harvest. Crowded plants will not produce

as well and will have more trouble with disease and pests.


29 Jan 2018

1. Don't have a watering can? Not a problem! Use a milk bottle. All you have to do is carefully pierce holes in the lid and hey presto! an instant watering can.

2. Instead of throwing away your egg shells, recycle the to keep pesky pests away! All you have to do is crum...

25 Jan 2018

10. Busy Lizzie 

9. Cosmos 

8.Alyssum (Lobularia) 

7.French Marigold 

6. Antirrhinum 

5. Gazania