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Top 5 annual plants for shady areas

5: New Guinea Impatients

Like their more common cousins, New Guinea impatiens provide hard-to-find brilliant color in shade. And it's not just the flowers. The foliage is often brilliantly, exotically colorful as well.

4: Torenia (Wishbone Flower)

While the wishbone plant is adaptable, it prefers a rich, consistently moist and well-draining soil in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade. In fact, even in the hottest areas, the wishbone flower plant will bloom profusely in a mostly shaded area.

3: Fuchsia

Plant or hang your fuchsia flower in a semi-sunny area. They much prefer temperatures that are a little cooler and don’t like a lot of sunshine. Be careful during summer months because too much hot weather weakens the fuchsia plant. This will not allow flowers to develop fully. You want to give this touchy plant plenty of shade.

2: Impatients (Busy Lizzie)

Impatiens like to be planted in an area that has partial to deep shade throughout the day. They also like an area that is moist but well-drained, since Impatiens can get mildew if they spend time in standing water. They do not do as well in full sun.

1: Begonias Semps:

Although though Begonias can handle partial sun, they prefer not to be in direct sunlight. This makes them a perfect choice for your shady area. This also means that they can grow indoors. Its always best to keep in mind that green-leaved Begonias cant handle the heat as well as red-leaved Begonias.

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